Basic Setup

As part of the $1,500 setup fee, MemberConnection will provide the basic services necessary for your organization to get up-and-running with its new MC database and website. Below is a description of services included in the basic setup fee.

Basic Website Setup

MemberConnection will setup a basic website structure as part of the $1,500 setup fee. Customers select their homepage design, inside page layout, header style, breadcrumb layout, and color scheme during the on-boarding process. Customers can also specify the basic top-level structure and content that should be included in the website (i.e. upcoming events, featured products, donations, etc.).

MemberConnection is not responsible for transferring website content as part of the basic setup.

MemberConnection Website Example

Basic Database Configuration

MemberConnection Database Screenshot

MemberConnection will import the your organization's data into its MC database and provide basic database configuration services such as setting up drop-down menus and relabeling fields. MC will provide templates during the on-boarding process that are used to format data prior to import. MemberConnection assumes that the data your organization provides is of high quality.  

The MC team will also setup the database to push the appropriate financial data to your organization's accounting system.

Payment Processing

The MC team will setup the appropriate payment processor for your organization so you can accept online payments from day one. MC includes an integrated payment processor. In some cases, customers can continue to use their own or PayPal processors.

4-Hours of "Flex Time"

Each customer is given 4-hours of additional setup time as part of the $1,500 setup fee. This can be put towards training, additional database configuration, additional website setup, etc.

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Additional Setup Services

We understand that some organizations require more setup services than other. Customers can purchase additional setup services including training, website setup, database configuration and other consulting services. Additional setup services are billed at $150 per hour of work unless otherwise specified.

Additional Website Setup

MemberConnection offers additional website setup services. MC's team can provide additional website training, basic design consultation, and content transfer services. MC will move static content from an organization's old website to its new MC website for $20 per page. All other services are billed at $150 per hour.

Additional Database Configuration

MemberConnection can budget additional time to configure an MC database to each customer's specifications. This services is especially beneficial to organizations with unique business processes that must be strictly enforced.

Database Cleanup Services

MemberConnection can budget additional time to work with customers and ensure their data is of high quality before it's imported into MemberConnection. Importing quality data is an essential aspect of a successful system implementation.

Additional Training

MemberConnection can allocate additional time to train staff members on MemberConnection. Training can focus on the areas that are most important to your organization including website training, administrator training, event training, etc.

Ongoing Support

MemberConnection provides you with a range of ongoing support services through our website and online learning portal. Below are brief descriptions of the support services included as part of your ongoing subscription.

Online Learning Portal

MemberConnection's online learning portal contains a variety of resources to help you and your staff get the most out of MC. Resources include both short videos and written documentation. If you ever have a question that is not addressed by the documentation, you can submit your question through the MC website. One of MC's support representatives will follow-up with a response. Resources in the online learning portal can be access 24x7 at no additional cost.

MC Support Portal

MC customers can report issues and submit services requests through the MC Support Portal on the MemberConnection website. Requests can be submitted 24x7.

MC User Forums

As part of your monthly MemberConnection subscription, you'll also have access to MC's user forums. User forums are an active community where MC customers can share questions and ideas with one another. MC's support staff are also frequent contributors to the community.

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