The pricing options state that they're based on an "annual prepaid payment". Does MemeberConnection offer a monthly payment option?

Yes. MemberConnection offers monthly payment plans for customers who prefer not to make an annual payment. The cost of the monthly payment plans are as follows:
Standard: $450 per month
Enterprise: $650 per month
Platinum: $1,250 per month

Does MemberConnection share or sell customer data with 3rd parties?

Absolutely not. MemberConnection treats its customer's data as confidential. We do not sell our customer's data to any 3rd party. Detailed information related to the confidentiality of customer data is included in the standard subscription agreement.

What's included in the $1,500 setup fee?

MemberConnection will provide the necessary services for clients to get up-and-running with their new MC database and website. Below is a list of services included in the $1,500 setup fee:

Basic Website Setup
MemberConnection will set up a basic website structure as part of the $1,500 setup fee. Customers select their homepage design, inside page layout, header style, breadcrumb layout, and color scheme during the on-boarding process. Customers can also specify the basic top-level structure and content that should be included in the website (i.e. upcoming events, featured products, donations, etc.). MemberConnection is not responsible for transferring website content as part of the basic setup.

Basic Database Configuration
MemberConnection will import the customer's data into their MC database and provide basic database configuration services such as setting up drop down menus and relabeling fields. The MC team will also set up the database to push the appropriate financial data to the customer's accounting system.

Payment Processing
The MC team will set up the appropriate payment processor for each customer so they can accept online payments from day one. MC includes an integrated payment processor. In some cases, customers can continue to use their own or PayPal processors.

4-Hours of "Flex Time"
Each customer is given 4-hours of additional staff time as part of the $1,500 setup fee. This can be put towards training, additional database configuration, additional website setup, etc.

I'm not sure the basic setup fee will be enough for my organization. Can we purchase additional setup services?

Yes. We understand that some customers will require more setup services than others. Customers can purchase additional setup services including training, website setup, database configuration and other consulting services. Additional setup services are billed at $150 per hour.

Are MemberConnection's websites responsive?

Yes. All MemberConnection websites are responsive and display attractively on any device.

Are there multiple website designs to choose from?

Yes. MemberConnection's website "skins" are flexible enough to support nearly any design. You can preview some of the website designs supported by MC by taking a test drive.

Yes. All MemberConnection websites are responsive and display attractively on any device.

Do I need to know HTML to design a website using MemberConnection?

No. MC's website builder is user-friendly and does not require any HTML experience to use. MC's WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) content editor allows staff members to update their own websites as easily as editing a Word document. With that said, MC's website builder does include some advanced features that may require additional training. If you have never worked with a content management system before, we recommend purchasing a few additional setup hours to be used for website training.

Do I have to install software to use MemberConnection?

No. MemberConnection is a browser-based, SaaS solution. Users can access their MC database from any desktop, laptop or tablet with an up-to-date web browser. Updates to the software are automatically distributed to all users and are included in your licensing payment.

Can I access MemberConnection from my Smartphone?

MemberConnection is best when accessed from a desktop, laptop or tablet. Customers who purchase the "Platinum" subscription will also have access to MC's mobile web application which is designed specifically for smartphones.

Is MemberConnection PCI-Compliant?

Yes. MemberConnection is a PCI-Compliant solution. MC is currently validated under PA-DSS 2.0.

Does MemberConnection include a payment processor?

Yes. MemberConnection has an integrated payment processor. Alternatively, MC can integrate with your current PayPal Payments Pro or Gateway account.

What are the credit card processing fees?

MemberConnection offers competitive rates for credit card processing. For customers using MC's integrated payment processor, the fee is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

What support resources are available?

All MemberConnection users have access to MC's online support portal. The support portal includes a variety of learning resources including instructional videos, system documentation, user forums and more.

What support is included as part of our subscription payment?

Access to the online support portal is included as part of the MC subscription. Email support is included only for information that cannot be found on the support portal. Additional training and support can be purchased at any time at the hourly rate of $150.

How do I report an issue with my MemberConnection system?

Users can report suspected issues or problems with their MemberConnection system through the online support portal. One of MC's support representatives will be in-touch with a response to your submission.

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